Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm currently in my Junior year at Digipen. So that means I start doing short films! We have two separate projects classes during the year where we take 2 shots at doing a very short film. This is my first shot at a short. It's supposed to be 8 seconds long, and I am currently getting into animation.

So here's what I have done for the project so far, you can watch my progress! :)

Early Concept Sketches:

More Concept art:

Character Model Sheet:

3D Enviornment:

3D Character Model:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just an image dump of some fo my best work:

A very simple and graphic image I did, based off of the tarot card, The Star. I did it mostly because I had seen other people depict the cards and thought this one was pretty.

A model sheet of my character "Eyes Like Night" for my character design class at Digipen. We were given a character, and then had to pick a style which to depict the character in. I chose Genndy Tartakovsky, in the style of Star Wars: Clone Wars the Animated Series.

A prop design sheet I did for my character design class at Digipen. We got a character, and had to make model sheets for the props they carry (in my case, a tomahawk and a "rattlesnake rope") In whatever style we wanted. Lots of process work was put into this. Including research on tomahawks, navajo culture, and snakes.

I love doing self portraits. Drawn from life, on photoshop. I use custom brushes and spent around 2 hours on it.

A contest entry for a website that I had lots of fun with it. The character kind of had a steampunk theme, which is always fun to do.

An image I did for fun. I really had fun with the design and playing with the colors. It turned out being very fun and relaxing to render this one out.

I decided to thumbnail some very loose designs for my game team. I wanted to create a mood using color and composition.

An assignment I did for character design. It was a first pass at the girl character, Ora. Overall, I really had fun with all of the views. I really go into the painting and had fun. This design was featured in the Digipen Newsletter.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Game Team Character Designs
So for the past few months I've been working on a game team as my school as a visual designer and style guide. It's been fun. So far I've done the character designs for the characters in the game, which I had lots of fun on. Here's the sketch and then a final version of the sketch, I might scan some other concepts later.

The whole idea is that there are two worlds and one main character from each world. One world is steampunk, the other is and overgrown natural world.