Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finished it! Woot


This is a work in progress for Conceptart resources that I need to work on before class tomorrow. Hopefully all will go well and it will turn out beautious....I blocked the nipples with hearts for some reason. I have no idea. They are a work in progress!!

I should update my blog more often.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm currently in my Junior year at Digipen. So that means I start doing short films! We have two separate projects classes during the year where we take 2 shots at doing a very short film. This is my first shot at a short. It's supposed to be 8 seconds long, and I am currently getting into animation.

So here's what I have done for the project so far, you can watch my progress! :)

Early Concept Sketches:

More Concept art:

Character Model Sheet:

3D Enviornment:

3D Character Model:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just an image dump of some fo my best work:

A very simple and graphic image I did, based off of the tarot card, The Star. I did it mostly because I had seen other people depict the cards and thought this one was pretty.

A model sheet of my character "Eyes Like Night" for my character design class at Digipen. We were given a character, and then had to pick a style which to depict the character in. I chose Genndy Tartakovsky, in the style of Star Wars: Clone Wars the Animated Series.

A prop design sheet I did for my character design class at Digipen. We got a character, and had to make model sheets for the props they carry (in my case, a tomahawk and a "rattlesnake rope") In whatever style we wanted. Lots of process work was put into this. Including research on tomahawks, navajo culture, and snakes.