Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just an image dump of some fo my best work:

A very simple and graphic image I did, based off of the tarot card, The Star. I did it mostly because I had seen other people depict the cards and thought this one was pretty.

A model sheet of my character "Eyes Like Night" for my character design class at Digipen. We were given a character, and then had to pick a style which to depict the character in. I chose Genndy Tartakovsky, in the style of Star Wars: Clone Wars the Animated Series.

A prop design sheet I did for my character design class at Digipen. We got a character, and had to make model sheets for the props they carry (in my case, a tomahawk and a "rattlesnake rope") In whatever style we wanted. Lots of process work was put into this. Including research on tomahawks, navajo culture, and snakes.

I love doing self portraits. Drawn from life, on photoshop. I use custom brushes and spent around 2 hours on it.

A contest entry for a website that I had lots of fun with it. The character kind of had a steampunk theme, which is always fun to do.

An image I did for fun. I really had fun with the design and playing with the colors. It turned out being very fun and relaxing to render this one out.

I decided to thumbnail some very loose designs for my game team. I wanted to create a mood using color and composition.

An assignment I did for character design. It was a first pass at the girl character, Ora. Overall, I really had fun with all of the views. I really go into the painting and had fun. This design was featured in the Digipen Newsletter.